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September 2014

Lake Pepin

This is a water color project that won a sweet ribbon at the county fair! ©Gatorgirl, Minnesota

Lark Toys Remodel

  Lark Toys is a favorite toy store in our neck of the woods. I did a remodel. ©Wheat&Rye, Minnesota

Promoting Peace

  I had to create a poster that promoted peace without the use of words. I chose to use the symbols of …

Little Baby

It’s me when I was a baby and now how I grew up! ©Artist_K

Treasure of Heaven, Poem

Treasure of Heaven When I speak I will fly Up in the sky To the sun And flying down where I go …

MAF Kodiak Airplane

This is a Lego version of a MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) Kodiak airplane that I got to take a ride in with …

Lego Robot

The robots help people get around in my city. by LED_girls, PA