Welcome to Build-n-Share!


My kids came up with this awesome idea to share what they build and create with their friends near and far. Want to be a part? Excellent! Here are the simple steps:

1. Have your child create something unique with his/her favorite medium. (Legos, erectors, paints, drawing, poem, sticks & stones, etc)

2. To keep the kids anonymity, make a screen name to use with their post. (for example my son is K_dioxide)

3. Photograph the creation, it can be by itself or with your child, that is completely up to your discretion. Title it, and write a brief description.

4. Send it to me, kelley(at)slateriverproductions(dot)com, I will post it.

5. Browse and comment on other creations! All comments will be moderated, spam and negativity will not make the cut!

We look forward to seeing the creative ideas, let the fun begin!

Please note: All material is under copyright of the young owners and cannot be reused or distributed without the consent of the contributors guardian. We reserve the right to block and forbid anyone who is negative or disturbing in any way. This is not the place for those types.



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